History Of Naturopathic Theory And Its Treatment Process

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Naturopathic organism is a therapy based on the principle of self will always find the best solution in terms of the health. Diseases, a number of external factors come to overturn the balance of the organism. According to the method, if possible eliminate these factors become again a healthy self-healing power.

Theory And Historical Development

The origins of Naturopathic lived in ancient Greek and a healthy diet, sufficient basis for believing that the health costs of doing so hypocritical rest and exercise. Hippocrates also believed that treatment should stimulate the natural healing ability of the body. In the 19th century German and Austrian priest Kneipp Preissnitz made their basic theories of modern naturopath develop this idea:

Natural Healing - are the body's self-healing capacity 

Natural Hygiene - clean air and water for the body to stay healthy, exercise regularly and are in need of fresh food.

In the 1890s these ideas came to America, where he founded the first naturopathic school.

Naturopathic principles, the body's self-healing ability argues that tells the symptoms that the body is self-correcting enterprise and should not be suppressed. Treatment should not worse damage and must be arranged according to the person rather than the disease. The main goal of treatment is to educate patients to pay attention to their health. 

Naturopathic disease is a naturally occurring state when an organism to function as required, and their goal is to uncover the best ways to fight it. To win back your health, your body uses various therapies to support their own natural healing powers. According to naturopathy, basic requirements for good health, clean air, clean water, light exercise, relaxation and a good diet. Diseases caused by chemical, mechanical or psychological.

The body shape rather than dealing directly with a naturopath therapy will be to strengthen the natural defense mechanisms of complaints. See through a naturopath and nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy treatment at the beginning of the possible income. Nutritional therapy to keep fasting, special diets, drink boiled covers that allow the elimination of certain foods and the body to rest and poisons out together. These measures are temporary, but long-term changes in your diet are also advisable. Additional nutrients and herbal or homeopathic remedies may be advised. Hydrotherapy in a hot - cold bath, there are spa treatments. Herbal compress for stimulating circulation and lymphatic system, such as the rubbing method is applied to dry skin. Naturopathic on, osteopathy, massage therapy and Alexander Technique treat problems using treatments such as physical and movement. Special soft tissue techniques can relieve muscle tension; they are experienced in freedom of movement in any part of the body with joint issues. They can recommend exercises to apply to the patient at home. To help your psychological state can teach relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises can use. Naturopathic age and whatever the complaint may be useful for everyone, and can also be used as a preventative. Chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, hay fever, asthma, migraines and headaches are often used as state.


Naturopathic diagnosis is blood pressure measurement, blood and urine tests, such as medical techniques and iridology known as respiratory tests (examination of the iris) use alternative techniques. Also, they like all the practitioners of alternative medicine, know your detailed medical history, you will want to understand your mental state that exists with depth look at your lifestyle. During treatment, your symptoms temporarily worsen a “healing crisis “can spend. This is a good sign in terms of Naturopathic; because it shows that the treatment worked.


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