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Alternative Medicine: How It Works & Controversy Iridology

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Alternative Medicine

Eyes can reveal so much about a person's condition. Various conditions such as sick or healthy, the eye can predict is going on in the body. Even after a person dies, the eye can reveal the cause of death. Iris is a thin circular structure that regulates the amount of light entering the eye. Considered as the most visible part of the eye, the iris serves as a map of the body.

What it is Iridology?

According to the theory, the iris is the area that displays all the nerve fibers in the brain empties. Therefore, iris is able to represent any changes that occur in the body that can be detected through the change of color in the iris. When examined by a doctor, the iris displays color changes related to the condition of the patient's body so as to allow physicians provide appropriate treatment. Iridology (Iridology) learns all about the iris, especially in the detection of disease through the iris. Iridology is considered as pseudoscience because it is an unconventional way of healing. In other words, iridology is a science to determine the state of the body based on the observation of the iris. The observations will be matched with iris chart to bring up detailed diagnosis of the state of health of an individual. Iridology experts claim that the iris is not only able to express the current state of health, but also reveal health problems in the past and a glimpse into the future of a person's health.

Observations Iridology

Iridology cannot determine the cause of the problem, but only provide a snapshot in the area where the problem occurs. Unique pattern and soft fibers that form the iris studied and compared to charts iris. In healthy iris will look solid and straight line, while the line to resemble the sand grains show signs of the disease. In people who are not healthy, the iris will be distorted like lesions correspond to certain body organs that are sick. Most medical practitioners who criticize iridology state that the iris is relatively stable and unchanged or change throughout a person's life. However, there are some people who think iridology as alternative diagnostic techniques without sticking needles or administering drugs. There is a claim which states that iridology bukanla new term, but never in the history and revived in the 1900s by Ignaz von Peczely.

Pros and Cons of Iridology

Peczely young, which is considered as the pioneer of iridology, iris observe owl whose leg was accidentally broken. According to his observations, the iris owl appeared one dark spot where none previously existed. After breaking his leg healed, dark spots, too, disappeared. A group of researchers who contra to test the validity of iridology and stated that this method is one of the worst examples of pseudoscience. Claim stating that the iris color determines a person's health condition is considered garbage by the researchers. They say that the color of the iris is highly dependent on the production of melanin. These researchers suggest that the expert iridology just want to reap the benefits of money by fooling people with his false claims. Above all, both the pros and cons will iridology (Iridology), cannot be denied that the eye is one organ that is attractive as a medium that can be studied and explored further.

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