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Is It Possible To Treat Sciatica Pain Forever By Naturopathy Way?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

nature therapy India

Sciatica nerve is the largest nerve of body and sciatica pain is occurred due to irritation of sciatica nerve. At first pain begins from lower back spinal cord and then extends the lower portion to feet through the buttock. It is not a simple pain that can be treated by strong pain killer. Pills only alleviate it on temporary basis but it has no power to cure forever. Only nature therapy India can treat it on permanent basis. The following naturopathy processes are very effective for sciatica pain and can remove it forever.


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Acupuncture is very powerful nature therapy to cure sciatica pain forever. It is a Chinese curative method almost 2500 years old. In this process very thin needles are used on the pain spot and pressing them in. This feeling may reduce the swelling and strengthens the nerve to be active. This method is mainly used for pain but sometimes it is used for other health conditions.


natural therapy India

In nature cure center massage is also another important method that is applied for sciatica pain. When massage is done on the particular area, it alleviates muscular spasm and reduce painful feelings. For sciatica pain deep tissue massage and slowly pressurized are very effective. Every therapists suggest to massage the affected area at least once a day. Hot bath is also helpful for sciatic pain. Remember it massage must be gentle and done by expert hands, either you will face great problem.

Herbs and herbals

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In nature cure center in India herbs are used to cure sciatica pain forever. Willow, wild lettuce, skull cap,black birch, mullein root etc. are used in this purpose. The usage of these herbs work on nerve and help to reduce pain. The dosage of herbs depend on the sensitivity of the patients. Sensitive persons are comfortable with lower dosage. Many times herbal oil is used for sciatica pain. It can provide immediate relief from pain so renowned therapists use it. Herbal oil has cooling action that soothes muscles and nerves of the affected area. lavender, mint, brahmi, birch,golden rod, yarrow etc. are common herbs to be used as sciatica pain curative ingredients.

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