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5 Simple Steps for Stress You Can Try At Home

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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It is quite impossible to save from stress in present high pressure society. Now people are spending days with higher responsibilities, fast-paced and pressurized works. For this insurmountable amount of stress engulfs them and make an intolerable situation. This kind of mental condition affects daily life including work, relationship and the condition of physical and mental becomes worse to worse. Headache, chest pain, lack of sleep, stomach problem, fatigue, high anger, anxiety, lack of motivation and many more are the common symptoms of stress.

As stress has become an inseparable part of modern era’s life, there are many remedies discovered in medical science. But for remedies of stress every naturopathy centre in Bhopal suggest not to using drugs. Rather natural home remedies are the best for this complication.

Abdominal breathing

Deep abdominal breathing is a very effective process which every therapist of naturopathy centre in Punjab often applies to the stress and depression affected patient. This therapy calms down nerves and nerve related disorders. It is the ideal way to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. If your family and dear ones are exhausted by your high tempered attitude, then it is a useful method for you. This method helps to fill air in abdomen and make you cheer up from depression or low mood.


Nobody can deny the importance of massage. It is useful not only for stress but for different ailments it is an effective method. Through massage muscles get relaxed and thus body relieves from pain and stress. Besides this circulation of blood gets enhanced and cells become refreshed. This is one of the greatest formulas to away depression and stress.


Exercise is one of those effective methods which can fit your body and helps to prevent various disorders if practiced daily. It helps to move joints, muscles and whole body and for this the body gets physical work and helps to reduce body fats and stress also. Exercise is a great relief from daily stress and improves mood condition.

Healthy eating habit

Doctor always suggests “don’t eat too much”. Yes, overeating and at the same time unhealthy eating habits is harmful for body. Today’s world is the world of fast foods and junk foods. Although everybody knows the bad reaction of these types of foods but nobody take a break from this. Just leave out these foods to save yourself from stress and many more. Take your foods time to time to control your anger and anxiety.


Meditation is very effective to improve mental condition like stress, depression and anxiety. Daily practice of meditation for 15-30 minutes is enough to calm mind and release stress. Just give some silent time to your body and drive away all thoughts from mind and head and take relaxation. Definitely within few days you will receive positive result. Stress free life is the symbol of happy family life and also you will feel positive effects on your daily work.

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