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Physical Causes of Depression: Some Mood Disorders Are Easier to Cure

Thursday, August 29, 2019

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Most people believe that depression is a mental or emotional illness, or that it is caused by chemicals in the brain. Whilst the former statements are often valid, it may come as a big surprise to discover that there are physical causes of depression that are relatively easy to remedy.

Physical Causes of Depression

The following case study is fairly typical:

The patient is in her mid 20's. She complains of depression and lack of energy and enthusiasm. She also has bloating, digestive problems and various other health niggles. She can't understand why she is feels that way since she has a good relationship, a steady income and her life is progressing well.

On testing it is found that she has an intestinal yeast problem caused by medications, chemicals in the diet and excessive alcohol consumption in her teens. She has also developed some food intolerance.

The patient is treated with natural supplementation to eradicate the yeasts and repopulate the beneficial gut flora.

Three weeks later she reports that her energy is rising and her depression has totally gone! For 'toxicity related depression' the recovery can be as speedy as that. The younger the patient, the quicker the results happen.

The Role of Beneficial Bacteria

It is the beneficial bacteria living in the gut that keep the intestines running smoothly and sweetly. However modern living - including the use of antibiotics and other food additives - can destroy the beneficial flora, allowing naturally occurring yeasts to proliferate.

The presence of yeasts causes the gut to secrete protective lining of mucus. This forms a barrier preventing the body from absorbing nutrients from the food as it transits through the gut. The energy levels fall and over time the sufferer experiences chronic fatigue and depression.

Restoring Energy Levels

In this scenario it is largely the frustration at not being able to enjoy life to the full that causes one to feel depressed. Often the sufferer has great promise but, due to chronic fatigue, is unable to achieve success.

By eradicating the yeasts and healing the gut this can be reversed. Correct absorption of nutrients is restored and the metabolism starts to work normally. As the energy levels rise, so does optimism and confidence.

Other health niggles are also rectified. Sleep improves, as do skin problems, headaches and digestive issues. Although there is no genuine instant fix for intestinal yeasts, those who are prepared to continue probiotic therapy for several months will be rewarded with a return to full health and an end to depression.

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