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Friday, November 08, 2019

natural therapy

Walking barefoot over dirt and play areas is something of a long ago past. Once I was old enough to go to school I was required to wear shoes – but only on the outside. My mother made us take off our shoes before entering the house and we still do this day but we always wear socks so we are never bare footed.

Tonight I watched a #documentary on #hulu called The Grounding and it was interesting and made me wonder about the truth behind it.

In today’s society we often think of “alternative medicine” as quack medicine, but if you take some time to think through the things we do to our bodies with new “medical science” we might just come away with a different perspective.

I’m not sure about the effects of Grounding – but I know it can’t really hurt so it’s something I’m going to consider. I’ve proven to myself that the doctors don’t know very much other than what the Big Pharma teachers teach them and this means that “old remedies” and proven methods are now considered obsolete in favor of a chemical cocktail made of things that would likely kill us as make us well.

Grounding requires connection to the earth. The simple act of taking off your shoes and grounding yourself is reputed to help heal in an all-over kind of way. As a planet, our Earth has billions of ions within its surface and the idea behind grounding is to allow contact with the skin and thus allow a movement of energy into the body.

I may not believe in any gods, but I do believe in science and in the truth that we are energy and part of the energy of the earth – but I have never thought about this subject before.

I’m interested in learning more about the science behind the idea and testing it out for myself…maybe going barefoot is more than just something to do on the beach.

Have you ever heard of Grounding? Have you ever tried it?

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